Security Doors

Installation and Repairs of Security Doors in Essex & London.

We offer all types of security doors in Essex, London and surrounding areas including seclusion room doors, blast doors and fire doors.

Our company supplies door sets that meet current specifications and combine any or all of the requirements of physical attack, blast, ballistics, fire check, panic and emergency exit.

The doors we supply cover all aspects of security with different ratings depending on how secure your door needs to be.

Ratings are done on fire check ability from FD30, FD60 and FD90 doors, steel or timber faced doorsets. Surface mounted locks or concealed locks are also factors on how secure your door will be.

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Blast and ballistic rating will all factor which door set you require.

The class rating of your door will be entirely dependent on the requirements of the door itself and what it is going to be used for.

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