Where Best to Position Your Commercial CCTV Cameras


The installation of security cameras on commercial property is a key business security measure to prevent theft and vandalism.

Commercial CCTV systems supplemented by remote monitoring services if possible, give further peace of mind, allowing enterprise businesses to focus on what they do, without having to worry about the goings-on outside the property, day or night.

However, deciding where to strategically position CCTV cameras requires some careful consideration.

Being aware of the most efficient places to position your CCTV cameras, including the best height and angles, can all be discussed with us when installing your CCTV system, to ensure you get the best use out of them. In an effort to help with planning your commercial security camera placement around your property, external location or business premises, we have provided the following CCTV camera placement guidelines.

How High Should a Commerce CCTV Camera System be Installed?

There are a few things to note before finalising the install height of any CCTV security camera, including:

  • Installed too low will be an attraction to vandalism and easily accessible for thieves
  • Installed too high or far away from the monitored location will lead to pixelated/poor quality images when zooming in on an area which can be a problem when trying to identify people by faces.
  • Installed in a way to hide the camera could interrupt your viewing angle and block line of sight

A CCTV install height of 2.5m or 5m is typically the most common for commercial businesses, but it depends on the property or room you are installing them in of course. CCTV security cameras at 2.5m high provide a better ‘close-range’ view of the area and provide higher image quality as they are closer to the subject. At 5m, you increase the ability to capture more surroundings with a wider view field but may cause image distortion when zooming in, depending on the quality and resolution of the CCTV camera.

Should Your Commercial CCTV Camera System be Installed by a Professional?

Investing in your business’s security can be costly, but it will potentially save you thousands in lost/damaged equipment and reduced productivity when preventing vandalism and theft.

Installing commercial CCTV camera systems in your business premises is a task you could, potentially carry out yourself, however, to ensure you get the best viewing angles and prevent ‘blind spots’, choosing a professional installation can save you both time and frustration. Also, consider your insurance, will you still be covered against damage/theft if the CCTV camera system was not installed by a qualified professional? In most cases, you won’t be covered.

Of course, Elite Security provide professional commercial CCTV installation and repairs. We’re happy to discuss options with you to ensure you get the best possible service and installation for your commercial property – so why not request a CCTV installation quote today!

Commercial CCTV Cameras and Business Intelligence

Commercial CCTV Cameras and Business Intelligence

CCTV camera systems provide more benefits than just security. They help retailers, stores, enterprise businesses and commercial properties with large amounts of footfall to identify busy areas, trends in foot-fall routes and highlight problem and potential problem areas that lead to bottlenecks and increase risk of theft, break-ins or damage.

Your CCTV Security Handled by Professionals

Elite Security provides both CCTV system installation and repair services for enterprise and commercial business.

CCTV Installation
Design and installation of integrated analogue and IP based CCTV systems.
Extensive range of CCTV systems from simple, single-camera installations to large scale, multi-camera systems.

CCTV integration with other security systems such as Perimeter Detection, Intruder Alarm and Access Control systems.

Bespoke CCTV systems designed to meet your individual needs, no matter what the size or complexity. All types of cameras can be supplied to ensure the install catches the correct images that the client requires. Simply tell us what you need from your security system and we’ll find the perfect solution.

CCTV Repairs
We understand that many businesses come to rely on their security cameras and system failures simply aren’t an option. For this reason, we offer an emergency same-day repairs service for our customers. If you’re having an issue with your system, one of our engineers will be able to repair your CCTV cameras on the same day so business can return to normal.

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