The Benefits of CCTV in the Workplace?


CCTV in the workplace can be incredibly useful for many reasons. Preventing crimes like thefts, watching over employees and helping the police are some of the more obvious reasons, but there are more benefits of CCTV in the workplace worth highlighting.

In lots of work environments employees can be vulnerable to either physical or verbal attacks from members of the public. If employees are aware a situation is being watched by CCTV it can act as a form of protection for them. Also, it can be used to determine if any allegations are false or not.

CCTV and hidden cameras will always help deter and prevent crimes. They can do this by capturing crimes such as burglaries inside the workplace outside of normal working hours, record theft or crimes at company car parks and prevent crimes happening carried out by staff members if they know they are being recorded.

Another benefit of CCTV installation in the workplace is that it is a cost-effective measure to put in place. With today’s technology the integrations possible are almost limitless and with the evolution of technology not as costly as people believe. At Elite security, we can design bespoke CCTV solutions at competitive prices.

CCTV is an excellent way to keep records or act as an insurance measure, for example, what time a lorry left a bay. As the technology has modernised so has the methods of storing surveillance footage and there is no longer a need for a storeroom of VHS tapes.

The footage recorded is also helpful if placing blame is ever needed, for example, who was the last person to leave the office. In the event of a serious mistake or theft, accessible recordings at your convenience can make it much easier for your company. For more information regarding Data Protection / GDPR and CCTV in your business see gov.uk.

Our team at Elite Security are extremely knowledgeable and extensively trained. We are dedicated to providing excellent customer service and top quality CCTV systems and solutions. We have over 20 years of experience in the security industry and can advise and install the most appropriate CCTV system in your workplace. So get in touch today for your no obligation assessment.

The benefits of CCTV in the workplace

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