Top 5 Access Control Systems


Access control is hugely important for ensuring physical security. Using electronically controlled doors and barriers instead of keys means it is much easier to keep a record of who enters or enters a building or a part of a building, and also means that the list of people who can have access can be managed quickly and easily.

When integrating an access control system for Elite Security clients, we ensure the client receives robust technology that works. There are a few key features that stand out to us when choosing systems for use:

We pay attention to the quality of the equipment. We use high-quality equipment that is designed to withstand heavy use – the more robust the system, the better.

When there is an element of user interactivity we like to make sure the system is user-friendly. When staff need to make changes to how their security system works for them, we look to make this as easy as possible. The last thing you want is a security system that is difficult to use.

Elite security technicians prefer to choose access control systems that are expandable. As a business grows, so does the need for additional security in the future and with expandable systems growth is easier to manage without significant cost or time delays.

Top 5 Access Control Systems

There are a number of different access systems available in the UK for commercial security, but some are definitely better than others. A good commercial security system will have a variety of features, including intrusion detection, access control, and surveillance. Here are five of the best access systems on the market:

  1. Paxton Net2 is a networked access control system that is perfect for businesses of all sizes. The UK based company offers a range of readers, controllers, and software for advanced users. Its systems are fully scalable and can be easily expanded as your business grows.
  2. Honeywell Galaxy is another great option for businesses looking for an access control system. It can be customised to meet the specific needs of your business. Offering a range of features, including remote access, event logging, and integration with CCTV.
  3. Vanderbilt SPC is a great choice for businesses that need a high-security access control system. It offers a range of features, including biometric authentication, two-factor authentication, and integration with CCTV.
  4. The LenelS2 security system is a comprehensive and integrated security platform that helps organisations manage security risks and protect people and assets. With it’s open architecture the LenelS2 system integrates well with existing building management systems.
  5. Videx VX2200 allows access control for up to 1000 doors making it really easy to scale for larger businesses. It is designed to provide an easy and effective way to manage access to a property. The system integrates well with an audio intercom for communication between those responsible for the building and its visitors.

As the commercial world increasingly turns to electronic access control systems to secure their premises, the need to find reputable and reliable installers becomes ever more important. Elite security has a long history in installing a commercial security system. These systems can be a big investment, but it is an important one which is why organisations like Harvey Nichols choose Elite.

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