8 Tips for a Successful Commercial CCTV Installation


Installing effective commercial security systems is one of the most important things you can do for your business. Knowing you have the right cameras can protect your premises and give you peace of mind. However, there’s no point in spending lots of money on CCTV if it’s not fitted correctly.

To ensure your security cameras give you the best protection possible, follow our advice on successful commercial CCTV installation.

Have a clear purpose

The first step to successful CCTV installation is knowing exactly why you need it. Of course, CCTV improves security, but in what way do you need this? Perhaps you want to reduce shoplifting or prevent break-ins. Maybe your primary aim is to monitor working conditions.

Choosing a specific goal and defining your reasoning for CCTV will help you choose the most effective equipment and where to place it.

Do your research

Once you’ve set your security goal, it’s a good idea to research and compare different equipment. There are many types of security cameras available, and they all have different strengths. Some may be more suited to your premises and business than others.

In fact, selecting the wrong kind of lens for your cameras is one of the most common CCTV installation mistakes.

  • When choosing your commercial security systems, it’s worth considering the following questions:
  • Which areas need monitoring, and for which periods of time?
  • Do you need to use the images to detect features such as licence plates or faces?
  • Do you need audio recording?
  • How large is the area you need to monitor?
  • Will you need to monitor images in real-time?
  • How long will you need to store footage for, and who will have access to it?

At Elite Sec, we have an extensive range of CCTV systems to suit all your security needs, from single units to large-scale, multi-camera systems.

Decide whether your CCTV cameras will be inside or outside

Most security cameras are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Still, you’ll need to consider environmental factors and make sure any equipment outside is weatherproof. If it’s going to be in a cold location, for example, it might be a good idea to choose a model with an in-built heater. On the other hand, you may need to consider a camera with a fan if it’s going to be in a room that gets very hot.

If your CCTV will be on a busy road where there may be a lot of vibration, this is something else to think about. You’ll need a robust, sturdy system.

Consider whether you want hidden cameras or a visual deterrent

Do you want people visiting your premises to know whether or not there are surveillance cameras? If you want something small and discreet, you’ll need to take care where you install the CCTV and check how visible it is.

Alternatively, if you’d like obvious cameras to deter shoplifting or theft, the location will need to be evident to visitors.

Check how lighting will affect the CCTV recording

It’s a good idea to check how lighting impacts the image on your CCTV at different times of day, particularly for external cameras. Test the image quality at night as well as in broad daylight.

Inside venues may have issues with lighting too. Artificial lighting may create a glare, or you might find that sunlight through a window disrupts the picture. For nightclubs or events spaces, specialist lighting such as strobe effects could be an issue too.

To ensure successful CCTV installation, try different locations to see which is least affected by changing lighting conditions.

Test for blind spots

As well as checking lighting, test out if your CCTV installation has created any blind spots. You could do a walk through to see if there are any areas the cameras don’t pick up. If there are, you may need to install additional security cameras.

Consider whether you’ll need further cameras in the future

Is there a chance you’ll need more security cameras in the future? If you’re likely to expand your premises or alter the way you use certain areas, it’s a good idea to install a CCTV system that allows for an extension.

Get professional installation

It can be tempting to carry out CCTV installation yourself to save money. However, a reputable, professional security company will have the expertise to ensure everything is in perfect working order. By hiring a professional, you’ll also be able to save time.

Moreover, security companies, such as Elite Sec, can offer ongoing support and security system repairs.

CCTV installation in London

If you’re looking for commercial CCTV installation in London or Essex, the Elite Sec team is on hand to help you find the ideal security solutions for your business. We even offer bespoke CCTV systems designed to meet your individual needs, no matter what the size or complexity.

For more information, feel free to get in touch or request a quote.

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