Signs That Your Business Needs Intruder Alarms in London


Is your business based in London? Are you wondering if intruder alarms in London are required? Read on for what you need to know…

London is one of the most vibrant cities in the world, as well as being a fantastic place for a business to operate from. However, if you do have business premises in the capital city, it is wise to take precautions to guard against the threat of intruders and not add to the crime rate statistics in London.

In this article, we are going to look at the key signs that your business needs intruder alarms in London and how Elite Security can help:

Built up areas

Built-up areas are often a popular target for criminals, and nowhere is more built-up than London. The reason this can be attractive for intruders is that it is much easier to remain out of sight in built-up areas, as opposed to wide-open spaces. Intruder alarms, security doors and CCTV systems are great visual deterrents. Plus, if anyone does try to enter your property you have got them caught on camera.

Large crowds

London is one of the busiest cities in the world. Whilst this is great for your business in many ways, it can also be a great asset for intruders. It’s easy to hide in large crowds, so if your business premises have a high footfall, it could be very appealing for intruders. Another reason why CCTV cameras, commercial security systems and high-security entry doors are so invaluable.

Nighttime work

London is a city that never stops. That means plenty of businesses are open around the clock. The problem with that is darkness can be a great asset for intruders. Not only will a high-quality commercial security system help to deter intruders, but it will also afford nighttime employees a greater degree of security and peace of mind.

Confidential information

The head offices of many large businesses are located in London. This means that a lot of confidential and/or sensitive customer information is stored at London offices.

Unfortunately, this can make the offices a prime target for thieves. A great way to guard against criminals entering your property is to install high-security entry doors. This can guard you against unlicensed entrants and will ensure you know exactly who is in your building at any given time.

Large workforce

Chances are that if your head offices are in London, you are going to have a large number of employees moving in and out of the building. Obviously, the vast majority of these employees will be completely trustworthy and you will have completed the relevant background checks.

But if your business necessitates a high turnover of staff (for example, seasonal workers or employees on short term contracts) or if you have third party workers on site outside of business hours (for instance, cleaners or maintenance workers), you would be wise to install round the clock commercial security systems.

Having a robust commercial security system can also be great for staff retention. If employees feel safe and secure at work they are more likely to stay at your business long term.

A reputation to protect

Having premises in London is great for your business reputation. But that reputation could be severely dented by burglaries or thefts of customer information. Having intruder alarms, high security entry doors and other commercial security systems can go a long way to protecting your reputation.

External factors

Large buildings equal large external walls and doors. This can be an attractive target for vandals and graffiti artists. Having a business building with broken windows or defaced walls is not only terrible for your reputation, but it can also make it easier for criminals to enter the building. Security systems, such as CCTV, can go a long way towards removing this threat of vandalism.

So there you have it, plenty of compelling signs that your business needs intruder alarms in London. The good news is that help is at hand in the form of Elite Sec.

How Elite Sec can help your businessElite provide Intruder Alarms in London

Elite security has over 20 years of experience in the security door and window industry. We specialise in high-quality commercial security systems and can provide you with CCTV systems, high-security entry doors, intruder alarms and other products that will give you, your employees and your customer’s peace of mind.

We only employ the very best engineers who are familiar with a wide range of security technologies. This allows us to deliver the best and most reliable security systems in London.

If you want to know more about Elite Security or find out how we can help you and your business, please get in touch.

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