What Is Planned Preventative Maintenance?


What Is Planned Preventative Maintenance?

Planned preventative maintenance (PPM) is a proactive approach to maintenance in which work is scheduled in advance, delivered and documented in order to safeguard the security of a building. For access control specialists such as Elite Security, preventative maintenance focuses on the hardware and software components of a building’s security and access control system, it can also incorporate fire safety. 

It is perfectly normal for parts of an access control system to wear out over time. Door latches, proximity sensors, alarms, key cards invariably wear out and need servicing. When these parts of a security system are not actively maintained, safety and security loopholes are created by worn components. 

Moreover, software components including databases and access codes need to be maintained – with the natural flow of business key personnel can be promoted to other roles or move on. 

Why Is Planned Preventive Maintenance Important?

Preventive maintenance keeps your access control system working in the long term – defending your business against threats. PPM also supports the following:

  1. The prevention of security loopholes caused by faulty hardware / software.
  2. Identification of faults before they cause a security issue.
  3. Avoidance of unexpected costs and disruption to a building.
  4. The prevention of health and safety risks for staff.
  5. The long running safety and security of a building.

A proactive approach to PPM ensures that all hardware and software are in good working order for the long term. Replacement parts can be ordered and stocked well in advance to ensure the smooth running of operations giving operators and owners much needed peace of mind.

What is included in an access control preventative maintenance check?

At Elite Security, a bespoke planned preventative maintenance plan is created for each client and the records kept and maintained.
PPM plan checklists can include, and are not limited to:

  • Tamper detection
  • Network connection checks
  • Checks on smoke & fire alarms
  • Check CCTV cameras
  • Visual inspections of physical security; card readers, barriers, doors
  • Checking mains and emergency back-up power suppplies
  • Checking data logs
  • Any required software updates are carried out
  • Full system tests 
  • Keypad / biometric system checks

The results from all checks are formally logged with any faults or potential faults noted. During the checks, components are cleaned to prevent debris hindering performance, fully vetted software updates are carried out and power units are checked as these are vital to the secure ongoing operation of the system

How often should access control systems be checked?

Preventative maintenance checks are typically carried out annually to bi-annually depending on the scale of the system in place. Elite security have decades of experience in the field of security, from windows and doors to fully integrated access control systems with CCTV, alarms and fire safety. Our London based teams have the know how and engineering talent to design, deliver and maintain bespoke security solutions. Leading institutions trust us for the level of service we provide.

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