Ongoing Maintenance for Access Control CCTV Systems and Intruder Alarms


On average, over 18,000 burglaries take place per month in the UK in 2022. As the world progresses, so to do the methods used by criminals to break into homes and businesses. Ongoing maintenance used to be a frequently overlooked area of building maintenance for both commercial properties and residential homes. However, more and more organisations are protecting themselves from security threats by carrying out ongoing maintenance.

What is on going maintenance?

Sometimes referred to as planned preventative maintenance, on going maintenance is a system of works in which various elements of a building security system are routinely checked and maintained to ensure continued successful operation over the long term. On going maintenance can involve but is not limited to the following elements of a building security system:

  1. CCTV systems
  2. Intruder alarms
  3. Access control systems

What is ongoing CCTV maintenance?

When setup correctly CCTV networks form a layer of protection that is not only a deterrent but also helps employees and customers feel safer. CCTV maintenance is important because even the most robust CCTV systems can suffer a glitch, be covered by grime or even staff members may mistakenly fray cables or damage the systems. With ongoing maintenance technical faults can be spotted and fixed before a time of emergency.

Moreover the layout and valuable entry points of a room in a building can change over time. This is why ongoing professional CCTV maintenance comes into its own because where security is concerned prevention is absolutely better than cure.

CCTV ongoing maintenance checks include but are not limited to:

  • Camera lens field of vision is checked
  • Dust and dirt are removed from the CCTV system
  • Lens focus is verified by the engineer
  • Wiring is checked for fraying and general wear and tear
  • Image quality is checked
  • Monitoring equipment is checked and replaced if required
  • Time and date stamps are checked.

Maintaining a good CCTV network is an essential part of building security. Elite security supports some of the UK’s most well known organisations with the provision of CCTV systems and ongoing maintenance.

What is ongoing maintenance for access control systems?

An access control system allows only authorised personnel to access a building or area within a building. It is vital that these systems are continuously functioning in order to prevent unauthorised people gaining access to areas – even more so where there is a risk to health and safety or valuable goods.

Checks for access control systems include but are not limited to:

  • Tamper detection
  • Network connection checks
  • Visual inspections of physical security; card readers, barriers, doors
  • Checking mains and emergency back-up power supplies
  • Checking data logs
  • Any required software updates are carried out Keypad / biometric system checks

Access control systems are a favoured by many large corporations who have larger premises to monitor and manage. These systems have a unique advantage over traditional keys. Elite security are experts in the installation of access control systems.

What is ongoing maintenance for intruder alarms?

An intruder alarm that is faulty or poorly serviced and maintained is a false economy, especially if it does not activate during a break in and deter intruders. Carrying out regular intruder alarm maintenance is essential. Like anything electronic, an alarm system comprises many electrical components which need to be tested to ensure they are still working effectively. This means any potential defects can be identified early and a malfunction can be avoided.

Ongoing Intruder Alarm Checks include but not limited to:

  • Visual inspection of cabling and connections
  • Testing remote signalling equipment
  • Check mains and back up battery are functioning
  • Ensure user access codes are functioning correctly
  • Audible checks of the alarm speakers and sirens.
  • Log results of tests

With any ongoing maintenance plans, Elite Security provide a full and appropriate list of checks and customised plans for each client. Clients know that they receive experienced engineers, prompt response to emergency call outs, and a history of providing high quality service to clients.

Looking for a quote on ongoing maintenance plans?

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