How to Choose the Right High-Security Entry Doors for Your Company


High-security entry doors will make your premises safer, protecting employees, customers, and visitors. The right kind of doors can safeguard any on-site valuable items, such as laptops, equipment, and vehicles. But which high-security entry doors are best for your business and what questions should you ask before choosing?

Are you ready to find the ideal commercial entrance doors for your business? In this guide we’ll show you how to pick out the good products from the bad ones. That way, you can approach installers confidently, knowing which questions to ask before parting with your hard-earned profits.

What will the purpose of your high-security entry doors be?

This is the most important question to ask. If your premises are in an area where break-ins are common, your doors should be able to withstand hard impacts – and even tolerate small explosions that might be used to disarm security mechanisms.
Perhaps your buildings are located on the coast, in which case the saltine air will cause corrosion. A door designed to withstand corrosive environments would therefore make sense under these circumstances.
If you’re looking for security doors in London or Essex, take a look at our range of doors and explore our industrial door systems.

The importance of materials and structure


It can be easy to focus on door features and think about materials as a secondary consideration. So, what kind of metal should you look for?
Steel and aluminium are incredibly strong, the latter having the edge when it comes to strength. But steel is more prone to corrosion, so, in terms of longevity, aluminium is better. Aluminium high security entry doors also produce better aesthetics.


Your product’s construction matters, too. Do you want a solid door that’s heavy and which can tolerate heavy blows? One that’s fire retardant or which is hollowed out to allow a constant passage of air and prevent condensation and mould?

Do you need external or internal high-security entry doors?

You may need interior or exterior doors. Perhaps a mixture of both. Either way, it’s important to understand the types and styles of products available.


The three main types are:
  1. Sliding or rolling shutters that cover the main door – usually at night-time.
  2. Controlled doors that allow those inside to vet who enters the premises.
  3. Standard building doors with added security features.


Internal doors often include security features, such as:
  1. Biometric systems that require a retinal or fingerprint scan
  2. Deadbolts fitted with a crossbar lock to make break-ins almost impossible
  3. Access control — smart card entry systems that can be used to restrict access to specific areas
You can also fit alarms and CCTV to add an extra level of security and provide peace of mind. Whether you’re looking for external or internal security extras, why not get in touch with Elite Security to discuss your needs?

Have you thought about locks, hinges, and handles?

Locks, hinges, and handles matter as much as the composition, structure, and features of a door. Overlooking such details at this stage of your research could be the difference between investing in a good high-security entry door or an exceptional one.
Steer clear of surface mounted locks and ask for mortise locks instead. These locks sit within the door’s framework so would-be trespassers can’t bypass them with a blunt instrument.

The benefits of high-security entry doors

  1. Prevent financial losses that might otherwise occur due to shutdowns or operational disruption caused by theft from your premises.
  2. Avoid downtime spent replacing or repairing doors damaged due to break-ins, bad weather, or other external factors
  3. Protect employees’ mental wellbeing by providing a safe and secure environment in which they can operate without fear of intrusion or burglaries.

Don’t take shortcuts – invest in quality instead

When it comes to protecting your business, second best isn’t good enough. You need heavy duty security doors designed to keep intruders out, withstand damage and which will last for years to come.
That’s why it’s important to research more than just installation companies. Yes, you want to work with a company that can back up its claims with solid testimonials. But what products do they supply and fit – and how well are these high-security entry doors rated?

Start your research by talking to Elite Security

From automatic door and access control installation to security maintenance and repairs, the Elite Security team are standing by to help.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements and move a step closer toward making your business premises safer and more secure.

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