The Effects of CCTV on the Criminal Justice System


Searching CCTV installation Essex on Google will give many great options including Elite Security. The services provided online improve security measures for many locations. Increased security is one of the many perks of the high-level technology available in the 21st century. The heightened availability and quality of CCTV cameras has made large changes to the justice system.

CCTV has provided prosecutors with a lot more evidence. More evidence means the likelihood of catching and prosecuting perpetrators after a crime has been committed has increased. This usually results in more court cases surrounding evidence obtained through CCTV and confirmed by witnesses.

Court cases with solid evidence are a lot easier and faster. It also dramatically reduces costs for all sides. Court cases can be very expensive due to the fees of everyone involved. Lawyers can be very expensive and charge hundreds an hour. Appearances in court with public defenders also costs a lot of money.

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