Advantages of Access Control Systems


What is an Access Control System?

Access control is all about controlling who can access a physical location and when. In most cases, these systems are electronic with a system of identification e.g. a card, or biometrics and a physical barrier such as a door or gate. High-level security systems include a mix of CCTV cameras, intruder alarms and identification systems that can be installed as part of any existing building or integrated into a new project from the beginning.

High-security access control systems have several advantages over mechanical keys:

  • Access control systems allow easy control over who has access to any given location.
  • Safety of employees, customers and equipment is ensured.
  • Managers can easily update or change any individual’s level of access at any time.
  • Creates an audit trail to easily see who enters or exits a location at any given time.
  • No more lost keys mean locks do not have to be replaced should someone lose their key, cards can be remotely deactivated at any time.

Different types of access control systems

Main Entry and Egress Access Control

Main entry and egress control systems are all about the prevention of unauthorised personnel entering or exiting a building or premises.

Standalone Systems
One of the simplest ways to control access to a building with a single point of entry is a standalone security system integrated into a door. These systems can operate without a digital network.

Networked systems
These systems are usually PC based and allow control over multiple sites, doors, entry points and users through the use of a secure digital network.

Lift Access Control
For multi-storey buildings unauthorised personnel must be denied access to certain floors, this system can be integrated into almost any existing or new elevator lift system.

Biometric security systems use physical or behavioural characteristics for identity verification to control access to a building or area.

Gate, Barrier, Shutter Access Control integration

Existing perimeter or building entry gates, bollards, barriers and roller shutters can be set up with standalone access control systems or integrated into sophisticated, secure network control systems.

Lock Down Systems

Lockdown systems can consist of a system of alarms, automatic locks and audio over IP for mass address. Emergency lockdown systems are used particularly where there is a particularly high risk of attack or intrusion, or fires. Lockdown systems prevent people from moving into areas of threat and prevent intruders from making further progress into a site.

Selecting an access control system

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